Operation On Target

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  • Moderate
  • Skills
  • 30+ min
  • No


Learn more about Operation: On Target, an event that occurs every year. Young men learn to set goals, plan, lead and work as a team to accomplish their goals as part of Operation: On Target. They also learn about high adventure and survival skills such as hiking, signaling, compass, gps, HAM radio, and more as they choose a high place to climb to the top of and signal with their light other groups that are miles and miles away. At this activity, young men will have an opportunity to use signaling mirrors and learn the history of Operation: On Target and it’s spiritual applications.

As President Thomas S. Monson wrote to participants of Operation: On Target in 2016:

“As you stand on a mountain and share messages of light with others, I thank you for your inspiring examples and encourage each of you to be committed with sharing light with others throughout your life… Remember to set high goals and to keep them clearly in mind as you prepare for future service. Effort, determination, and perseverance will be required as you make wise choices, use sound judgement, and develop your talents and skills.”

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