IMPORTANT NOTE: Online Registration for the 2017 Mountain Man Rendezvous is Closed. If you are not currently registered, please come up to Camp Geronimo on Thursday, March 16, 2017 at 10:00 AM (or later, but not too much later because events start at 1:00 PM) and register there. We will get you checked-in, a campsite, and everything you need to enjoy Rendezvous!

Any questions feel free to email the Rendezvous Scribe, Jared Payne at Jared will be up at Camp Geronimo starting Wednesday morning, so he may not be able to check his email frequently.

However, we will find a place for any team that shows up though, so don’t let anything stop you from coming up and experiencing Rendezvous!


If you are coming up to Rendezvous, here are some last minute tips and tricks for you to have a good time and be fully prepared:

Mountain Man Checklist/FAQs:

Water: Bring your own jugs of drinking, cooking, and wash water and start with them filled. Most likely all campsites will not have any water turned on due to freezing conditions, which means it will be a long hike to the few water spigots located throughout camp that will actually be on in order to refill your water jugs.
Campfire Container/Leave No Trace: Be prepared to leave no trace of your campfire. This means some type of container for your fire (like a metal trough) and blocks to set it on to keep it off the ground. Be prepared to take ashes with you and to dispose of when you get home. No ashes or embers should be scattered or placed in Camp Geronimo trash containers or dumpsters.
Fire Wood: Please bring your own firewood with you. Geronimo is very picked over, and there is good chance you won’t find much laying around for fires.
Prepare for Cold, Wet and Mud: It has been cold, rained, and even snowed in past Rendezvous. It’s also been very muddy. Come with warm jackets and ponchos and any other cold/wet weather gear you find necessary.
Gear Vehicle + Trailer: Please limit your team to one gear vehicle to carry all your gear to you campsite. This may include a trailer towed behind it. We do not have room to send multiple vehicles up to each campsite.
Tents: This isn’t like Camp Geronimo for Boy Scouts. The camp is not providing any tents for the platforms at campsites. Bring your own tents.
Food & Gear: We do not provide any gear, cooking equipment, or food of any kind to the teams. You need to make sure you bring your own and be totally self-sufficient as a team.
Campsites: Each campsite will be home to several teams (typically grouped by Stake). The campfire rings will be considered “common area” and should be shared. Do not plan on it being for your team only.

The First Day – Arriving at Camp and Beginning the Rendezvous:

The first day of Rendezvous will seem chaotic and you may feel a little lost if you have never been before. Here is a breakdown of what to expect:

Arrival to Camp: As described in your Team Information Sheet received at March Huddle, you are to arrive at your assigned time. Your gear vehicle will have to wait to be let into camp at the appropriate time. Vehicles carrying passengers only will be allowed to enter and park in the camp parking lot (aka. Not at your campsite). Team members and Coaches can hike to check-in.

Muddy Roads: If roads become really muddy, they can become unusable (especially near the top of the West road). If this occurs, you may be forced to drop gear off on the road and carry it the rest of the way into camp. To go along with this: Pray for no rain/mud. 🙂

Check-In: Along both the West and East Roads of camp, we will have a check-in table. Each team will check-in to camp here. We will answer any questions, take payments, and provide any last minute instructions. The team will then be allowed to hike to their campsite to meet their gear vehicle there for unloading gear.

Campsite: Once your team and gear vehicle both arrive at camp, you will need to unload your vehicle as quickly as possible so that the gear vehicle can leave the campsite area and go park at the camp parking lot. Teams that accomplish this in 10 minutes or less will receive extra points on their passports. We suggest bringing a tarp to unload all equipment on to on the side of the road. Once all unloaded, gear can be hauled to camp after vehicle has left. It does not matter what any staff member, stake leader, or person of authority “tells” you: VEHICLES ARE NEVER ALLOWED TO PARK AT CAMPSITES. It is a matter of safety, and the rules.

After Your Campsite is Setup: Eat some lunch and consult your Rendezvous Schedule. Shortly around lunch Activity Areas will be open. Hike from camp as a team to any of the activity areas and start participating in everything you see. The more you do, the more fun you will have. Plan on spending as little time at your campsite as possible.
The Rendezvous.

Other Days – Things To Do & Tips:

The Team Passport: Each team was given a passport in your team packets (BE SURE TO BRING IT TO RENDEZVOUS WITH YOU!!!!). We do not bring up a bunch of extras for teams who forget or lose them. This is your scorecard for all the events. The Passport has the list of activities grouped into Outposts/Activity Areas on one side, and a map of camp on the back. Each Outpost is marked on the map, so that is the general area in which you will find the activities listed under that Outpost. The goal is to do as many events as possible and score as many points as possible on the Passport. The team who scores the most points on the passport, wins the Top Team Award.

The John Colter Run: The events for the Colter Run are listed in bold and ALL CAPS on the Passport. Practice these events and get good at them. The Colter Run is not just about running it as fast as possible, it is also about scoring as many points as possible. Each point scored removes time from your overall time. The team with the shortest overall time AFTER points are taken into account will win the Colter Run.

Service Outpost: To get the Rendezvous official patch you must participate in your assigned Service Project. Go to the Service Outpost located in Primitive Camp (marked on your map) to get directions and start your assignment. If you do not have your assignment or have any questions, go ask the service staff at the Service Outpost.

Friday Night Campfire Program: It’s night time in the mountains, so be smart and wear jackets. Also, remind the boys to be respectful to all speakers and performers. The campfire will last somewhere between 60-70 minutes typically.