Waugh Pilgrims!

Registration for the 2019 Mesa Mountain Man Rendezvous opens on October 1, 2018. This website has all the history, facts, and resources for participating in the rendezvous with your youth group or on staff. Check back regularly for Rendezvous News and Tips!

We look forward to seeing you on the Mountain!

Outpost Activities

High adventure awaits

At the Mesa Mountain Man Rendezvous your youth group will have the option to participate in over 60 outdoor activities ranging from team building exercises and skill development, to physical competitions and high adventure. Regardless of what you choose to do with your time, the rendezvous provides plenty of opportunities for your group to connect with one another in fun and meaningful ways!

Buckin’ Barrel

Don't get bucked off!

Operation On Target

Share your light with others.


Find out who is the best shot!

Hawk Throwing

Learn how to throw a tomahawk!

Important Dates

The best way to prepare

Date Time Event
Aug 30, 2018 7-8:30pm Pow-Wow: Outpost Assignments
Sep 6, 2018 7-8:30pm Pow-Wow: Rendezvous Kick-Off
Nov 10, 2018 Midnight Registration Due for Gold Card Teams
Oct 4, 2018 7-8:30pm Pow-Wow: Skill Instruction & Registration
Nov 1, 2018 7-8:30pm Pow-Wow: Dutch Oven & Mini-Rendezvous
Jan 3, 2019 7-8:30pm Pow-Wow:  Skill Instruction & Preparation
Feb 7, 2019 7-8:30pm Pow-Wow: Skill Instruction & Final Q&A
Mar 7, 2019 7-8:30pm Pow-Wow: Final Registration & Team Packets
Mar 13-16, 2019   2019 Mesa Mountain Man Rendezvous

There are no upcoming events at this time.

Booshway's Corner

From the mind of the Booshway

Mountain Man Memories

Pictures from Rendezvous